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For the twelveth year in a row, the integrity of N. G. Group’s corporate governance was recognised in 2013 with the maximum five-star rating in the Corporate Governance Research Report prepared by leading business associations.
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The Board and Management of N. G. Group are committed to the highest standards of corporate governance.
N. G. Group is a listed major Indian Real Estate development company. N. G. Group's operations are conducted in accordance with the laws and regulations of the various jurisdictions in India. International operations are also conducted in accordance with the laws and regulations of the countries in which N. G. Group is operating.
The Board of N. G. Group works under a set of well-established corporate governance policies that reinforce the responsibilities of all Directors in accordance with the requirements of the Corporations Act 1956.
The Board regularly reviews and updates its corporate governance policies on an annual basis and as required, to ensure that the Company’s policies remain in accordance with best practice, including compliance with the BSE Corporate Governance Principles and Recommendations, and monitors global developments in best practice corporate governance to ensure that the Company’s practices are attuned to global expectations.
The Company’s Corporate Governance Statement comprises a comprehensive overview of N. G. Group approach to corporate governance.
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