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N. G. Group has recently captured fraudulent activities where individuals are posing as N. G. Group's employees and illegitimately using the N. G. Group name to send out fake job offers and contracts.
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Fraud Disclaimer
Please be aware that these activities are completely unauthorised and strictly contrary to N. G. Group’s recruitment policies and procedures. We will never offer a job contract without first having gone through an extensive recruitment process.
In the instances for request of personal information, N. G. Group will also never request any form of payments or personal documents without your consent. We highly recommend that you do not disclose personal or financial details to anyone you do not know.
N. G. Group takes these matters very seriously. If any an offer looks fraudulent, it probably is.
Please use your discretion with any suspicious job advertisements, job offers or contracts. If you would like to report any suspicious activity or have any concerns about the credibility of a job advertisement, please send your enquiries to career@xinfy.com as soon as possible.
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