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JOB TITLE: Facilities Manager

• Responsible for the daily on-site management, operations, and maintenance in Gallops Industrial Park
• Assists tenants/customers by directing to placement of plots, portray infrastructure facilities, resolving tenant/customer issues, providing support services and ensuring compliance with park guidelines.
• Oversees the maintenance and upkeep of facilities including warehouses, buildings, vehicles, parking, electrical equipments, water/sewer, service systems, and grounds keeping.
• Conducts employee / worker training in work assignments and safety, assigns tasks as required, prepares employee/ worker’s work and overtime schedules, and conducts employee evaluations.
• Assists in the preparation and execution of facilities’ budgets, scheduling expenditures, and contracting for materials/services.

• A highly developed leadership skills set with experience of day to day management and development of a team.
• Associate or Bachelor’s degree with at least 5 years management experience in industrial park.
• Familiar with the operation and maintenance requirements of buildings (including all subcomponent systems), electrical systems, water/sewer systems, natural gas systems, and equipment.
• Demonstrates effective leadership skills in the daily management of skilled/semi-skilled personnel.
• Ability to work with a large degree of independence and demonstrate good decision-making skills.
• Excellent customer service, interpersonal, and communication skills utilized in a landlord/tenant relationship, interactions with Govt. officials, and representing GIP to the public.
• Good computer skills utilizing Microsoft Office Suite.
• REPORTS TO: Reports directly to the Management of GIP

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