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Every corporate worth its name owes its success to its people – most importantly, top management. At the helm of N. G. Group is a trio of field-proven manager-visionaries. Needless to say, it is the bedrock that provides the company with a solid foundation.
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Mr. Nagin Patel (Master of Science)
Group Chairman
One of the leading first generation entrepreneurs of Gujarat with a business acumen and vision far ahead of its times. A leadership and strategic management position with development of dynamic growing organization and creating opportunity with extensive skills and experience in business ideas, concepts, HRM, Operations and Project Management to create a positive impact on business goals and objectives of the state and country.
He is a science post graduate (Gold medalist) and is in the Real Estate business. He has been instrumental in the successfulness of the N.G. group. He is a good sportsman and is associated with number of social and recreational organizations. He is also the President of Rajpath Club Limited, a prestigious recreational club of the elites of Ahmedabad.
Mr. Narsinh Patel (Civil Engineer)
A distinguished entrepreneur and professional having extensive experience in conceptualizing, initiating and managing projects within Infrastructure, Information Systems, Finance and Automobile sector activities with in-depth expertise in the strategizing, analysis, implementation, optimization, of projects and systems. Proven ability to form, lead and motivate teams with diverse members. Track record for diagnosing complex problems and consistently delivering objective solutions for large projects in diverse sectors.
He is a reputed designer and developer with a number of luxurious residential and huge commercial complexes to his credit in Ahmedabad. He is a high net worth individual, a social worker associated with a number of welfare trusts and education societies as trustees.
He is Planning Gallops Industrial Park in state of Gujarat for which he has committed huge investments and Resources. Behind each of his professional Initiatives, he attributes his family and values as the base of his success.
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