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At N. G. Group, quality program is founded on intelligent effort. We are committed to Quality and the process of continuous improvement in all aspects of its operations. We have taken extraordinary measures to ensure that our Clients are consistently provided superior service and a quality structure.
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We utilize the plan-do-check-act cycle to make all processes within the company work together and to continually improve. We have developed a comprehensive Quality Management System that begins with our preconstruction services and continues through post-construction, operation and maintenance. This helps us to develop of world-class quality standards to customer satisfaction.
The Quality Management System requires verification, validation, monitoring, inspection and testing during each phase of the project.
Verification of Client requirements is handled at the estimating phase and involves setting three quality objectives:
Time requirements to complete the project.
Budget requirements to effectively complete the project.
Level of quality as defined by the Client or established in the plans and specifications in order to meet Client satisfaction rating.
Validation of requirements begins at the estimating level and continues through the transition to project management. During this transition all team members review validation of Client requirements. Monitoring of the project includes verifying purchased product, maintaining the project budget and schedule and holding bi-monthly progress meetings. Inspection and testing activities relating to Client requirements are carried out through the construction phase into closeout.
Quality Management System entails:
Planning of the System, including Document Control
Defined Management Responsibility and Review of the System
Defined Resource Management Requirements and Review
Project Realization Process
Measurement, Analysis and Improvement of the System
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