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Three decades ago, two real estate visionaries began building an entirely new kind of real estate management organization. Mr. Narsinh G. Patel and Mr. Nagin G. Patel, who are brothers, established and promoted the N. G. Group of companies.
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The N. G. Group of companies was established in 1986 in Ahmedabad, a prominent city of Gujarat. The N. G. Group of companies has several diversified business verticals in Infrastructure development, Information technology, Finance, Automobiles etc.
The important group companies are NG Corporation, Gallops Infrastructure Ltd, Gallops Finlease Ltd, Gallops Insurance Services, Namee Designs, Gallops Wealth Management, N.G. Infotech (I) Ltd, Equisearch Limited, N. G. Patel Finlease Pvt Ltd, etc.
The N. G. Group of companies has been an established, reputed and renowned name in the field of development and construction since a quarter of a century. The first venture of the NG group was NG Constructions.
N. G. Group established in 1986 in Ahmedabad is one of the reputed and established Real Estate Developers, Organizers and Builders. The Group has created a niche in the real estate industry over a period of three decades.
The NG Construction was created with a commitment to meet the expectations of citizens and customers through its elegant, well designed and quality construction and providing services that are customized and accommodative to the requirement of the user.
NG Construction consists of M/S NG Patel, M/S N.G. Realty Ltd, M/S Gallops Infrastructure Ltd, M/S NG Patel & Associates, M/S NG Patel Enterprise, M/S NG Corporation, M/S NG Developers, M/S NG Foundation, M/S NG Estate Developers, M/S NG Realtors, M/s N. G. Patel Finlease Pvt Ltd.
NG Construction has been an integral part of Gujarat's booming real estate development and construction scene since the past three decades. It has constantly improved the quality and aesthetics in all its creations and designs. This has made the group set new benchmarks in the whole industry which has changed the skyline of the whole city and enriched the living standards of the society with peace and joy.
NG Construction are developers with a strong foundation and an unquestionable reputation for quality and integrity. It stands out as a sterling symbol of quality, value for money, construction and timely possession.
As scores of astute customers have already discovered, every property of theirs not only speaks of the highest quality standards, but also offers the very best in various other aspects such as the location, design, construction, specifications and aesthetic values.
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